Light up the flame within

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The human path is about to continuously purify and expand the consciousness from within ...

Welcome to Light Within, a healing center that is dedicated to help you in your spiritual path, how to make life choices, and how to navigate in crisis.

    My name is Dr. Helen Shih, a guide and helper for your journey and beyond. I am a holistic health consultant and the founder of the Flow-of-Light Natural Health. You can read more about what I have done and why I started this center here. My own journey has led to a deeper understanding and a greater compassion towards fellow travelers on the Earth. Indeed the human voyage is not an easy one, as it is filled with happiness and grief, gain and loss, success and failure. Many of us have lived through challenging time and navigated through difficult turns. No matter how rich or poor, how famous or infamous, how extraordinary and ordinary the persons are, each of us learns in our own way and eventually grows from our collective experiences. In this physical life, we are here to explore and to testify the Truth. We are here to find the true love and the flame of light in our own heart. 
       To help you rediscover and rekindle this light within, we setup this center to provide spiritual guidance and assistance to help you stay on your path and align your life journey with your true destiny. We offer healing, meditation, tools and practices that can help you open up your consciousness so that you can make wise choices and regain energy to overcome life challenges. From there, you can be more confident in the areas of physical health, relationship satisfaction, financial independence, professional success, rewarding mission, and many other areas of physical living, as these are all inter-related aspects of your spiritual being.
      Should you be interested in holistic health and healing specifically, please also visit our companion site at Flow-of-light Natural Health. Let's continue our path of the human experience and discover more of ourselves and others around!