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Hi, welcome! 

Light Within is a site to help you rediscover and rekindle your source of Inner Vision and High Inspiration, finding your purpose and sense of direction of your life journey.

Together with healers and coaches, activists and leaders, students and teachers, we are here to offer guidance and assistance, on your path of growth and development, finding answers to "Who am I? Why am I here"?  We are here together to propel the wheel of human evolution, to elevate the collective consciousness on the planet, and to help humanity navigate through chaos and darkness during the special time of "Earth Transition".

This center offers healing, meditation, practices and resources that can help you open up your mind and heart, stay balanced and focused on your vision and purpose, so that you can make wise choices, learn from challenges, and experience miraculous growth. From there, you can gain confidence in the areas of health, relationships, career, community, social progress, and many other aspects of physical living, as these are all inter-related on your spiritual and human journey.

This site is coordinated by Dr. Helen Shih, a holistic health specialist, vision and mission coach of Flow-of-Light Natural Health.