Light up the flame within

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Many of us have felt being propelled to make changes in life and undergo personal transformation. This is not only happening at a personal level, but at the community and global scale. We are going through a critical transition period that is marked by rapid changes and social movement unprecedented in human history. You can read more about this topic from the writing of Dr. Helen Shih, founder of this center, in "The Earth Transition - A Glimpse of Reality" from our companion website.

To offer guidance and clarity on how you can best live through this interesting time, we provide healing and consultation sessions so that you become aligned and centered with your essence of who you are and why you are here.  The purpose is to help you grow in your confidence and connection to your True Self so that you can move towards where you need to go in your journey. As a result of this growth, you will have a greater capacity to overcome challenges and to be able to assist others in their journey. In other words, when you shift to a higher state of living, you will not only help yourself, but also help others. Our healing and consultation sessions will cover the following areas in sequence:

1. Sharpened Awareness

You will learn how to become more aware and conscientious of how you feel internally, how external events are affecting you, how your subconsciousness is acting upon you, and how your believes and intentions are directing you. Sharpen your awareness is the first step towards realizing how you can be free from the conditions and programmings that are no long serving you, and how you can make positive shift in your life. 

2. Harmonious State of Health

Your body is the temple of soul,  your house is your church. How to take a good care of this temple and this church is a fundamental step in physical living. Here you will learn how to become aware of your body's energy flow and your immediate surroundings, how to maintain a healthy life, and how you can use your body as an effective way to experience and express yourself. You can also learn how to improve your physical health, and ways to overcome health challenges such as immunity disorders, cancers, and other diseases. In addition to physical health, you will learn how to balance the emotional, mental and spiritual energy, and ways of returning to Wholeness. Visit our sister site: Flow-of-Light Natural Health to learn more about our services in this area.

3. Authentic Soul Connection

Your learning journey will be more rewarding if you interact with other friends along the paths. In other words, the school of Earth will be extremely boring and ineffective if you are the only student here (though sometimes you may secretly wish so). How to connect with others in a deeper heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul relationship, and how to help each other to learn in a mutually-beneficial group setting will be covered under this topic. Obviously, learning is more fun, exciting, and powerful if you develop an authentic and loving relationship with others. 

4. Align the Light Within

You will learn how to receive guidance within, develop a greater sense of discernment, and align your true intention with the Divine Will. These are some of the highest achievements in our spiritual journey. Here, we need to shed the shell of the human egos and pretenses, and truly live as a spirit (just like the butterfly comes out of its cocoon). As it is often quoted, "You are a spirit having a human experience." How does life-as-a-spirit differ from that of a human? How does that feel? And what you should pay attention to? These are some of the topics we will cover.

You may wonder what are the specific benefits you may receive as a result of the above practices. Here is a partial list: 

1. Healthier & Happier Living

You will improve your personal health tremendously as you learn how to develop sharper awareness of your body, the way energy flows through your body and mind, and how you can remove the blockages and diseases. In other words, you can live in a healthy and happy way, and become disease-free and drug-free. Is this really possible? You may wonder. Plus, you can also help people around you to shift into this state, such as your loved ones and those you wish to help. As a side effect, your health insurance and healthcare bills may really go down. And coincidentally, you may discover your journey as a healer, for both yourself and others.

2. Financial Independence

As you gain more confidence of your physical living, your financial situation will improve as well (partially because you are becoming more healthy and pay less medical bills). You will see money differently. In other words, how you are related to money will fundamentally change. You will no longer need to work as a slave of money, but use it more effectively to help re-align your life journey and help others around you. To be free from the prison of money and become a master of freedom is a dream you can achieve.

3. Rewarding Relationship

Relationship is the toughest lesson in our Earth school. In fact, how you are related to your physical body, how you are related to money, how you are related to your family members all fall into the scope of relationship. How do you relate to yourself? How do you talk to yourself? How do you treat yourself? Once you discover the secret of how you and yourself are related, then, you will find your relationship with others fundamentally change as well. Life becomes fun and productive, meaningful and rewarding. Overall, that's why we are here in the first place.

4. Clarity and Confidence in Life Path

Have you met people who seem to be always confused about what they want to do? Did you notice many people around you are falling into depression and addiction? On the other hand, you will see people who are engaged and exhilarating, inspiring and empowering. Why is this the case? What have these people done differently? You will soon discover the answers to your deeply puzzling questions and get back to your journey with clear guidance. 

5. Expanded Ability of Helping Others 

When we heal ourselves and live a meaningful life, we are becoming a healer, role model, and leader for others. When we sabotage ourselves, we are causing destruction not only for ourselves, but for others as well. As you gradually learn and practice a different way of living that is more healthy and wholesome, you are in fact naturally helping people around you and helping them shift to a higher state of living and being. This is the way how our society can make a collective progress together towards peace, respect, and mutual support. Every soul will need to grow and the entire humanity will need to evolve together, with the help of everyone of us. This is ultimately why we are here on the planet as one big human family.


Now the above seems to sound too good to be true, your skeptical mind may start to kick in and wonder if these are all possible. We welcome your suggestions and questions as healthy skepticism and discernment are what needed and helpful for us stay on the spiritual path. In fact, we provide teaching and practical tools that will help you develop your sense of discernment, as it is one of the important skills that need to be strengthened as you move along this path. With love and patience, you will develop the trust of your own judgement, deeper wisdom, and greater ability to stay on track.

If you have a question or are interested in scheduling a consultation session, please contact us and visit us in person or in remote sessions.