By Helen Shih, PhD

Light up the flame within

Spiritual Guidance in the time of Earth Transition

Navigate through Rapid Changes in the Earth Transition

Many of us have felt being propelled to make changes in life and undergo personal transformation. This is not only happening at a personal level, but at the community and global scale. We are going through a critical transition period that is marked by rapid changes and social movement unprecedented in human history. You can read more about this topic from the writing of Dr. Helen Shih, in "The Earth Transition - A Glimpse of Reality" from our companion website of Flow-of-Light Natural Health.

To characterize this massive amount of changes, Dr. Helen Shih used the term of "Polarity Shift" in the simplest way of capturing the energetic patterns. It is like an hour glass that is being flipped over. Our old way of thinking and doing business no longer can sustain us, but bringing mass destruction to the planet life and ecosystem. The old paradigm of power structures, including within families, communities, and society no longer serves us, but suppresses genuine expressions and authentic voices within us. Therefore, these patterns that are holding us back from progress are crumbling away, giving rise to new way of living and new forms of creativity on the planet. This is why many people are experiencing spiritual awakening and personal transformations at every level of the society. At the same time, many advanced souls are coming here to assist in this transition, especially as children, as women, and as members of vulnerable communities who will be empowered and lead these changes.

Because of this flipping of power hierarchy that is happening both inside ourselves and outside in the society, there will be lots of chaos and messiness in the process. Disorders and confusions are common and can be experienced by anyone in the process. As Dr. Helen Shih has gone through this journey herself along with many others, she is able to offer guidance and clarity on how you can best live through this interesting time, and how you can become aligned and centered with the Essence of who you are and why you are here.  The purpose is to help you grow in your confidence and connection to your True Self so that you can move towards where you need to go in your journey. As a result of this growth, you will have a greater capacity to overcome challenges and to be able to assist others in their transformation. In other words, to be part of the changes we want to see and co-create the future we want to live. Below are common symptoms and tips for those who are in this transition and can benefit from learning how to navigate through the time of change.

1. For those who are about to wake up

If you are at the verge of inner awakening, you may feel very dissatisfied with your past, especially your job, career, and relationships. You may feel down and depressed, confused, lost and angry. Many people also suffer from chronicle pain, fatigue, other physical diseases or mental disorders. These physical problems are also being manifested as societal disorders and unrest, because people are not aligned in the heart but simply live off as slaves for the power and rich who gobble up more and more resources and money in the society and in the natural world. On the other hand, the rich and famed may also try to numb their feelings and ignore suffering of the masses by exerting themselves on luxury goods, exotic hobbies, or expensive travels. There are also others who subject themselves to drugs, violence, and addiction as an outlet for their anger, frustration, and powerlessness. This is why our society is experiencing such a high level of mental health crisis, anxiety and suicide rate, despite of the material success and industrialization happening worldwide. In spiritual vision, the reason why people are suffering in these symptoms is because they are separated from the Sacred Source of Life and therefore look more like flowers being cut away from their root therefore withering and drooping with no energy. The urgent thing to do at this point is to help them reconnect to the source of healing and fountain of Universe Energy, or the "Home of the Souls" as how Dr. Helen Shih sees it, so that the lost and wondering souls can find their home again and come back to regain the connection.   

2. For those who are going through awakening

Once you are connected back to your Sacred Sour What does it mean to awake? It means you no longer identify yourself with your past, your human make up and conditioning which is essential your human ego. Unfortunately it has constant, never ending needs and greed, and wants to have control and judgement in everything it sees and does. Rather, peeling off the ego's camouflage, is the infinite nature and essence of who you truly are. You become powerful not because what you have but who you are. You gradually open up your inner vision and see what truly are surrounding you and how they truly are related to you.

Awakening can take many forms, and go through many stages. Some people reported jolt and bolt like phenomena that put them in shock and awe accompanied by side-effects and disorientation (for example, in Kundalini awakening) . For others, it may unfold for decades, and often in a spiraling, or back and forth motion. It is a process unique to every individual, just like how seeds sprout in their own timing and forms. Peeling off onions, as what we say in the spiritual community. 

The most important thing to remember in this phase of the journey is to continue to try and never give up. It is like a cocoon that needs to break away its old shell and emerge as a butterfly, transforming itself into a new way of living. It is hard to imagine the freedom and joy of a butterfly from the perspectives of a caterpillar. So you may experience pain, frustration, rejection and ridicules, especially from many other caterpillars whom you are used to live with and try to please or gather power from. Therefore, it can be very helpful to learn from others - the reason why we are here to guide and serve your highest good and help you fulfill this miraculous process so that one day you can also stretch your wings like other butterflies.    

3. A Spirit in the Human Form

Well, if you have gone this far, a heart-felt thank you and congratulations! The biggest step has been accomplished. But that doesn't mean there will be less challenges and painful moments. As we are born as new babies in the new world, we become essentially spirits in the human forms. Just as human babies have to learn to talk and walk, the same is true for spirit babies who are naturally curious and want to taste everything in the new realm. Again there are common pitfalls and lessons that must be experienced by everyone. But the key element in this phase of the growth is to learn how to stand up with your two feet, in other words, walk in balance in the physical world, how to get back on track in case you fall (fall back to your old human habits), and how not to become victimized by egocentric traps and worldly illusions (which we are so used to, living in the old paradigm of the society). Again, we are here to guide and assist you, like a walker, to help you develop the muscle and strength to move on.


4. For Experienced Travelers

Those of us who have gone through many trials and errors, falls and setbacks, and eventually made this far on this journey, often become teachers and guides for others, as our experiences and insight can help other avoid costly mistakes. Here we become masters of our own fate, creators of our own reality. But there are still lessons to finish, especially in terms of how to manage spiritual energy, how to play with group dynamics, and how to connect to others to build a new physical reality. Visit our new site of Wholesome Living on the New Earth for more guidance to continue this path.

As experienced seekers, not only we have to continue to ward off temptations of the ego and distraction of the physical world, which in fact continue to grow just with our spiritual ability, another problem common seen is called "Spiritual Bypass" or escapism. We can simply slip back to our own comfort zone and meditate in ecstasy, hanging out with like-minded people who would agree with us, without wanting to be engaged with the rest of the society, seeing and hearing suffering of the sick and deprived. 

Spiritual escapism is a real and common problem among experienced travelers whose interests are often more about looking higher and far away, indulge in self-created happiness rather than being grounded in the Here and Now, and become an instrument serving others' needs. Yet spiritual empowerment ultimately has to translate to the Greater Good and betterment of the society. Only through ego-less service that the purpose of this spiritual journey can be fulfilled. Only by serving others, our own spiritual growth can be continued, which brings true joy and satisfaction. Ultimately, it is NOT about enjoyment, happiness, enlightenment or endless self-improvement we are trying to seek, but rather, elevation of humanity and evolution of the Planet Life that our soul's mission begins.         

No matter who you are and where you have gone through in your path, we will be happy to provide guidance and assistance to help you stay on track and embrace what you need to become and fulfill. If you have a question or are interested in scheduling a consultation session, please contact us and visit us in person or in remote sessions.

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