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Why we are here

Many of us have felt being propelled to make changes in life and undergo personal transformation. This is not only happening at a personal level, but at the community and global scale. We are going through a critical transition period that is marked by rapid changes and social movement unprecedented in human history. You can read more about this topic from the writing of Dr. Helen Shih, in "The Earth Transition"  on our companion website of Wholesome Living on the New Earth.

To characterize this massive amount of changes, we used the term of "Polarity Shift" in the simplest way of capturing the energetic patterns. It is like an hour glass that is being flipped over. Our old way of thinking and doing business no longer can sustain us, but bring mass destruction to the planet life and ecosystem. The old paradigm of power structures, including within families, communities, and society no longer serves us, but suppresses genuine expressions and authentic voices within us. Therefore, these patterns that are holding us back from progress are crumbling away, giving rise to new way of living and new forms of creativity on the planet. 

This is why simultaneously and spontaneously, many people are experiencing personal transformations, energetic shift, and spiritual awakening at every level of society. At the same time, many advanced souls are coming here to assist in this transition or evolution, especially as younger generations, as women, as minority, and as members of vulnerable communities who will be empowered and lead these changes.

Because of this flipping of power hierarchy that is happening both inside ourselves and out in society, there will be lots of chaos and messiness in the process. Disorders and confusions are common and can be experienced by anyone in the process. Deny and refusal to change will also become apparent and can polarize society, setting a gridlock for progress. Anxiety, depression, attention deficit, bipolar are some of the common problems many people may encounter.

We offer guidance and support on how you can best live through this transition time, and how you can become aligned and centered with the Essence of who you are and why you are here.  This site is setup to help you grow in your confidence and connection to your Inner Vision or Light Within so that you can move forward along your life path and Life Purpose